Next Almost there… just one more step! It firms the upper and lower eyelids and also improves the radiance of the skin around the eyes, thus enhancing the look.

Through controlled and gentle heat and its ability to reach deep skin tissues, Smooth Eye stimulates collagen production while providing a tightening effect. This technology makes it possible to precisely target the areas to be treated and to adapt its parameters according to the condition and type of the skin, as well as the extent of the damage to be treated. Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the firmness of the skin around the eyes, Fotona Smooth Eye was created to reduce the signs of skin aging in this sensitive and delicate area.

However, it is recommended to have prior consultation with our team in order to discuss objectives and expectations openly. It is important to assess the treatment options, the number of sessions required, and the benefits and risks associated with each procedure.

Taking a picture of your face prior to the treatment allows you to better visualize your needs, but also to measure the results before and after the treatment.

Desensitizing the skin with lidocaine anesthetic gel will reduce discomfort during treatment as this is a delicate area where the skin is fragile. This product is applied and left on clean skin for about 1 hour before treatment to desensitize - temporarily - the area to be treated.

Carefully removing all traces of gel, make-up and lipid film is an essential step before a Fotona laser session.

It is important to disinfect the skin with alcohol as well in order to create a suitable and sterile canvas before the procedure begins. Feeling the laser light on your skin for the first time can be surprising! The eye area is a very sensitive area, so a slight discomfort may be felt. It is not always necessary to apply a specific cream immediately after treatment.

The post-treatment recommendations will be carefully communicated to you by our medical and technical team and must be strictly respected in order to allow the skin to recover properly and optimize the results of the treatment. After the treatment, people experience a slight "sunburn" effect for 24 to 48 hours. Dryness of the skin and slight peeling are possible for about days. Good hydration of the eye contour area is then recommended.

It is imperative to avoid the sun, make-up and any perfumed products until the epidermis has completely healed. It is recommended to have a series of 3 treatments of Fotona Smooth Eye to obtain results. Optimal results are visible 3 to 4 months post-treatments. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this type of treatment, as well as anyone who has received Accutane treatment in the past 6 months. Patients who have been exposed to the sun without sun protection in the 4 weeks preceding the treatment cannot receive it.

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Fotona Smooth Eye Treatment for Eyelid Rejuvenation (Brisbane)

I wish to receive email offers from Dermapure. Book this treatment at any of our locations. Schedule an appointment. Zones treatable by Fotona Smooth Eye lasers Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the firmness of the skin around the eyes, Fotona Smooth Eye was created to reduce the signs of skin aging in this sensitive and delicate area.

Women Men. Session at a Glance. Call 1 Taking Pictures Taking a picture of your face prior to the treatment allows you to better visualize your needs, but also to measure the results before and after the treatment. Application of an anaesthetic gel Desensitizing the skin with lidocaine anesthetic gel will reduce discomfort during treatment as this is a delicate area where the skin is fragile. Cleaning and disinfection of the skin Carefully removing all traces of gel, make-up and lipid film is an essential step before a Fotona laser session.Obviously, the English chose the face.

I do take the point though. Once you turn a certain age, fighting gravity becomes more challenging. Is your skin is losing its firmness? Mine is, so I tried the Fontona Laser.

When I had my first consultation with Papillon MedicalI was advised to do a series of Beauty Booster treatments which I did and loved. Read about that here. Could they do anything about that, I wondered? Sure could! The other treatment Papillon recommended I try was an intraoral face lifting via the Fontona Laser.


This would tighten up my slack jawline and reduce the jowls I saw developing. With less collagen, skin looses its firmness. Every three weeks is good. Luckily, I was able to get Beauty Booster and this laser treatment done right after each other.

Pro tip: Be sure to have Papillon touch up your make-up before you head back to work. These lasers work by creating heat to stimulate collagen. A laser wand was passed over my upper jawline, a few centimetres above my skin. It felt warm and relaxing. Then they put the wand inside my mouth to stimulate the collagen and muscles from that direction.

In no way is the Fotona Laser a painful or invasive treatment. I did this treatment because I really wanted a jowl lift. Immediately after the laser went through my mouth for the first time, I ran my tongue along the inside my cheek.

It felt noticeably tighter. I did see a slight difference in my jowls after my first treatment. For sure, one side of my face felt tighter than the other before we did that second side. I was told that after the second treatment is when most people really see a change. I was encouraged, but sceptical.NightLase can reduce the effects of and decrease the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle laser treatment of the mucosa tissue. It is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue inside the mouth, but strong enough to provide clinically efficacious heating.

With proper training NightLase has a high success rate in producing a positive change in sleep patterns. Research has shown that NightLase can reduce and attenuate snoring and provides an effective, non-invasive way to lessen the effects of snoring. A full course of NightLase consists of three separate treatment sessions over a two month period. The final results of the treatment have been shown to last up to a year, and the therapy can be repeated.

Patients find NightLase to be a highly comfortable and satisfying solution. NightLase requires no device to be worn during sleep and involves no chemical treatment. The top-of-the-line LightWalker AT model features the ultimate in convenience and ergonomic comfort, and is the only dental laser system on the market that includes built-in scanner-ready technology.

Full customizability allows you to precisely attain the clinical outcomes your patients desire. No unnecessary energy is deposited into the skin. Fotona's specially designed, innovative handpiece technology allows safe, precisely controlled and optimal delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area. More information about handpieces and other accessories is available on SP Line product pages see above link. Read more.

Kiss jowls goodbye with the Fotona Laser – my review

LightWalker Family. SP Dynamis Pro. VSP Variable Square Pulse technology is a patented solution for generating square laser pulses for more controlled energy absorption. VSP pulse technology minimizes unnecessary laser energy absorption into body tissues and helps to ensure ultimate performance and patient comfort during laser treatments. Shiffman HS, Lukac M. Read Full Text. Find Distributor. Contact Us. Fotona will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates on Fotona laser products and treatments.

Please confirm below that you agree:. We take our responsibility for protecting your privacy and personal data very seriously. If at any time you wish to opt-out of receiving future emails, you can simply unsubscribe by sending an email to privacy fotona. All of the required information can be found on the label at the back of your laser system: make sure to type number zero - 0 instead of capital letter O. You are about to leave the Fotona USA website.A laser light is used to lightly ablate the surface of the skin, softening the appearance of wrinkles, tightening the skin and lifting dropped contours.

This treatment can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments or anti-wrinkle injections to prolong results.

With no need for needles or invasion of the skin, this is a key treatment for anyone wanting a non-surgical eyelift. Due to the nature of the treatment, the amount of sessions required are dependent on your natural body response. An average treatment plan consists of 3 treatments to be had 6 weeks apart.

Top up and maintenance sessions may be required. There is some downtime involved when receiving this treatment, these side effects should subside within days, though this is dependent on the severity of the condition, skin type and treatment. After your treatment your skin may appear red for 2 — 3 days like a mild sunburn and in some instances there may be mild swelling. The area may feel somewhat dry and some mild flaking may occur and last up to a week following the treatment. Avoiding heat exposure for at least 48 hours is recommended.

The heat from the laser stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis. It targets areas where aging has occurred and because the non-aged areas are left untreated it speeds up the healing process. The results will take between weeks following one treatment as it takes that time for your new collagen to be produced and show visible changes. Patients generally need 3 treatments for optimal effect although some people choose to stop at one treatment as they are happy with the effect at that stage.

Close search. Are there any side effects? How does it work? How many treatments will I need and how often?Transform your skin with our incredible range of non-invasive Fotona laser treatments, that provide outstanding natural results with little to no downtime. A revolutionary non-surgical facelift with long lasting results. Improving skin laxity, wrinkles, loss of volume and skin-tone and more all in one treatment.

Next generation, non-invasive sculpting treatment that reduces cellulite, destroy fat cells and tightens lax skin whilst stimulating growth of new collagen. Unique non-invasive treatment to tighten, tone and rejuvenate the delicate area around the eyes, fine line and wrinkle reduction, lifting the upper eye and eyelid to reduce hooding. Dr Tanja Phillips is one of the leading medical practitioners of laser aesthetics in the UK.

Recognised as a pioneer in her field for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, her expertise and considered approach ensure you receive the very best advice and incredible results.

Providing great value and results for our patients is just a small part of our customer charter. We stand for innovation, education, excellence and credibility throughout the customer journey.


I wish to complement Dr Tania Phillips at the Candover Clinic for her exceptional service and care throughout the procedure. The outcome has exceeded my expectations and the areas around my eyes and my face are much smoother than before. My overall complexion has a natural glow and there is a visible reduction in my facial lines.

I am extremely happy with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending the treatment.

fotona smooth eye

I was concerned about hooding and wrinkles around my eyes it had become pointless wearing eye shadow as my lids could hardly be seen. Dr Phillips suggested the SmoothEye treatment for me and the results have been amazing! The procedure was completely painless, and the results were immediate. Apart from a little redness, which quickly faded there was no evidence of my thread veins, or the treatment I had received. I can not recommend this laser treatment enough.

Dr Phillips is extremely professional and knowledgeable, from start to finish I felt in safe hands. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. If you would like to book a consultation add your contact details below with a convenient time to get in touch and we will call you or email you back.Are you a patient in need of more information on non-invasive options to treat a gynecological condition? Are you a doctor looking to expand your practice to offer innovative treatment solutions?

By combining two gold-standard laser wavelengths in a single system, FotonaSmooth SP functions as highly versatile, multi-purpose treatment platform that can perform an exceptionally wide range of treatment possibilities, including completely new approaches for effectively healing common gynecological problems.

Each system features an intuitive, easy-to-use-interface with customizable memory presets to help you perform your work faster and more effectively. Because of its unique disinfecting capability, it even promotes faster healing of infected tissue.

Fotona's high-performance Er:YAG laser ablates precisely without heating surrounding tissue. Er:YAG energy is highly absorbed in water — the main target chromophore in skin treatments — and can thus vaporize the skin with micron-level precision and very little thermal conduction. Its homogeneous absorption in tissue and low absorption in melanin allow it to be safely used with all skin types.

With specially designed surgical handpieces, FotonaSmooth SP provides the ideal performance and wavelength characteristics for an exceptionally wide range of surgical treatment options. G-Runner eliminates the need for manual positioning and movement of the handpiece by the operator, and improves the accuracy and precision of Er:YAG laser delivery, providing truly homogenous coverage of the vaginal mucosa tissue.

Click here to download the G-Runner product leaflet.

fotona smooth eye

Designed with the highest quality biocompatible materials such as titanium and gold, Fotona's innovative handpiece technology optimizes the delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area. Read more. With procedure-guiding presets and touch control, G-runner eliminates errors and improves patient and operator comfort with all SMOOTH intravaginal procedures. Download G-Runner Leaflet. PS03 for Gynecology.

The PS03 handpiece is a variable spot-size handpiece with fixed pixel-size independent of the selected spot size. Spot sizes range from 2 to 7 mm with a fixed pixel structure within the laser spot; when the spot size is changed, the number of pixels inside the spot changes.

The fluence in each pixel is set by selecting the fluence value on the host laser system display.

fotona smooth eye

The PS03 is also designed for use with specialized gynecological adapters for performing minimally invasive gynecological procedures. This multi-functional, collimated Er:YAG handpiece with a 4 mm spot size comes with a detachable and sterilizable tube specifically for gynecological procedures.With no need for needles or invasion of the skin, this is a key treatment for anyone wanting a non-surgical eyelift. Maintaining that temperature for just a few minutes instantly contracts collagen and stimulates fibroblast activity, resulting in firmer, more elastic, smoother skin.

After the treatment the treated area may appear red for hours. You may experience some flaking up to 1 week after the treatment but this is good. We would recommend you avoid any heat treatments 48 hours after the treatment and wear Sun protection at all times. We apply a topical anaesthetic to reduce discomfort during the procedure, it will not be painful but you will feel a warming sensation. Many see instant improvement from collagen contraction, with the best results visible months later.

We recommend a course of 4 treatments, 1 every weeks. Your exact treatment plan will be discussed in your consultation. This treatment requires a patch test to be performed 24hours before the treatment. This is an essential part of our duty of care to protect you and your skin. Your Cart Continue Shopping. Request an appointment.

Phone number.

fotona smooth eye

Best time to call Please select the most convenient time of day for us to call you Morning Afternoon Evening. Source of Enquiry Where did you hear about us? Fotona Smootheye. Request an appointment Contact us to book an appointment with one of our professional in house Doctors today! Contact us. What results can I expect? Patch Test This treatment requires a patch test to be performed 24hours before the treatment. Want to find out more about Fotona Smootheye?

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