Older SL residents will have an understanding of what system layers—the thing that BOM makes use of—are, but newer residents who came in once mesh was in full swing might have no clue what us old farts are on about. This is a new optional avatar customisation feature recently added by Linden Lab the owners and creators of Second Life.

slink omega applier

If you take off your mesh head, your mesh body, and your alpha layers then what you have underneath it all is your system avatar. System layers have special icons that look like clothing items or actual body parts. They look like this in the stock Linden Lab viewer:.

How BOM will work for you depends entirely on what the creators of your mesh head and body have done to support it. There are two possible basic options:.

Scroll back up to the image of Skell with the weird textures all over him. BOM relays are how some creators have dealt with Bakes on Mesh. It may also include an eye applier texture, so that your system eyes will bake onto your mesh eyes. You may need to update or get a redelivery so that you can use any updated HUD options.

BOM is entirely voluntary. And—as before—you need to check the documentation for your particular body part of choice, as I can only cover generic possibilities here. Mesh heads will work in the same way. If they have been reduced to a single layer, pre-textured native BOM version then you cannot use any appliers on them. You will only be able to use system layers. However, if they are making use of a BOM relay then you can use the BOM relay so that your underlying system skin bakes onto your head.

You can then layer up to 59 other system layers onto your underlying system head the total is 60, of which your system skin counts as 1 on top of that yes, you can layer 59 lots of makeup if you really want to! Think of your mesh head and body as a big window. A skin applier acts like a thick coat of paint on that glass, blocking your view. Other appliers makeup, tattoos, hairbases, etc just add nice details on top of the system textures, but skin appliers are like blackout curtains and hide the system layers completely.

If your fingernails look bad then trust me: your toenails look a lot worse! These were mapped to go on the system avatar only, and the nail textures were invariably awful. To fix this you need a tintable pair of nail-hiding gloves and socks. Just add them to your avatar, then edit them and tint them as close to your skintone as possible. So why are you seeing it now? Pre-mesh head we all used these not only to shape our system brows but also to remove the fugly system hair.October 29, by Aline Passiflora Leave a comment.

October 28, by Julianna Seriman Leave a comment. Hello again, FabFree. I love this spooky yet so elegant classic gown. I feel like a glamourous fem fatale who is surly up to no good. The quality of the gifts is just awesome! As you can certainly see here. It truly is a stunner.

October 28, by Aline Passiflora Leave a comment. Falling leaves everywhere! On the ground, crunching underfoot, and floating placidly through the air. I love it! Masoom is hosting a really fun hunt on their sim right now, featuring loads of free prizes! You have to search for the little hidden cupcakes all around the haunted house and grounds and every single one is completely free!

I picked up four little prizes from Tetra, and they all go together fabulously! How awesome is that? To get to the hunt area, just click on the teleport pad to the hunt area! The Spookay Hunt is running until October 31st!

slink omega applier

Forever is a high and long ponytail with a set of removable bangs. Love it! October 28, by violrechter Leave a comment.

Halloween is almost upon us and you can celebrate every day by trick or treating for free gifts at Rogue Echo for their 31 days of Halloween celebration. Every day, Rogue Echo puts out a new Halloween-themed gift and all gifts are available to claim until the end of the celebration. For a bat-themed dress I needed the perfect bat-themed eyeliner.While we would love to keep things as is, we feel it is necessary to move with the times, to evolve, to always stay on top of the latest, our customers, their needs and giving them the best of ourselves and work is what matters to us most, therefore, we felt this was the right move, and in the right direction, we know change is hard to accept, but we promise, it is all for the best.

It will help with lag and will allow you the opportunity wear many more layers. Learn more about bakes on mesh HERE. I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line, can I wear my old makeups?

Not only are these heads are primarily made to be compatible with BOM, but we have created HD layers for eye shadow and lipstick, UV is custom to accommodate for HD makeup layers, which means that older makeups will not work on the new line of heads. Can I wear my old skins with one of your new heads from the Evolution line?

You can wear old skin appliers with the new heads, but it does not mean that it will look correctly as all heads look different in their own way, and different methods of modeling have been utilized.

I just purchased one of your new heads from the Evolution line, but when I wear it, it is invisible, why? This is the result of wearing an old alpha, in order to see the new head, you must remove older alphas worn and using the new ones provided, please keep in mind that these heads are geared towards BOM, therefore, a different set of alphas must be used, which have been included.

Why does the new line not include skins in the HUD? The Evolution line is very different from our previous lines, these heads are primarily made to be compatible with BOM, therefore, the same applier and layer system cannot be utilized, nor would it work.

While the new line will not include a set of skins, each head will come with a skin in 4 tones for you to start with, these are skins created by the LeLutka team as a tattoo system layer. The point in creating this new line was to create something completely new, we wanted to apply all we have learned with the years and make this our best product thus far.

This new HUD is quite different than our old one, all scripts, techniques and method are new, therefore a lot of things had to be removed, but do not worry, WE GOT YOU, and have included brows with your head in a tattoo layer, which come in 4 different colors. Due to the differences between the Evolution and Origins line, we had to make changes all around, but you did not lose those things you love most, we have provided you with a system tattoo pack with the new head which includes all of which was included previously, BUT BETTER, and in a system form, so that you can wear them with BOM.

I am trying the wear my old hairbase, but it does not work, none of the old hairbases I own apply to my head, why? The Evolution line is very different from our previous lines, and have been made to be primarily compatible with BOM, which means you cannot apply hairbases to these heads unless they are in a system layer form, for your convenience and to accommodate these changes, we have provided you with a pack of hairbases to use.

Why are there 4 heads included in my Evolution folder and what is the difference? We hope SL Ruth compatibility will become the new standard which means all heads will be compatible with all Mesh bodies in the market. Is there a manual?Master HUD Manual:. Right click your avatar choose reset skeleton to see the correct Custom shape which you are wearing. Reset skeleton is something done locally on each viewer. TMP and SL system body can work too but they do not have neck-fix, Without a neck-fix you might look like you have 2 skintones with some windlight settings.

Mesh body can be purchased from other stores not included in heads packs. However, neck fix coming from a mesh body looks prettier than when it is coming from the head. Choose neck option from the Main HUD. Mesh body can be purchased from other stores it is not included in heads packs. If you want to use Niramyth, better wear mesh hair to hide the back of the head, and of course TRY demo and watch my video to make sure the fit is acceptable for your taste!

Niramyth folder contains [SL Head Matching] a neck blend that must be worn with the head. Which is divided into areas.

Lashes must be masked, or upper brows and upper eyes makeup must be masked with lashes blend, or enable advanced lighting model in your viewer preferences graphics tab.

Bento Heads Info

We could only manage to get the lower layers of brows and eyes makeup to be able to blend with the lashes all together without problems. Appliers purchased from other creators can be for hairbase, skin, lipstick, brows, eyes makeup, blush, neck tattoo, teeth, ears tattoo, and lashes.

The makeup appliers will use the lower makeup appliers on the head by default. You can use the Master HUD to switch them from lower to upper layer.

Example: Use blush applier click to apply on lower blush layer, open Master HUD blush tab, check lower layer, use a save slot to save the applied blush texture, check upper layer on Master HUD, use the same save slot to apply the texture on the upper blush layer. If you apply another applier on same makeup area, it will take off the previous one and apply the second one. To remove click the clear button on the main HUD for that makeup area. Make sure you check upper or lower layer as you have 2 of each makeup layer on the head.

Example: If the appliers creator wanted to make wider lipstick that goes out of the mesh lipstick area, they may apply the lipstick on the blush layer too, that means if you apply another blush layer after applying this lipstick, it will take off part of the lipstick. Same for the eyes makeup. They may apply on the eyes makeup area and brows area together.

slink omega applier

Might also use blush area for the same eyes makeup if it was too wide. So always try demos or ask the creator before purchase. They will for sure look different depending on the face shape as not all heads look the same. Other HUDs you can get from the free pack.

Neck HUD both have many save slots, you can save your favorite appliers on them. I would strongly suggest you to wear it only when dressing up then detach it. Watch shine tutorial video:.

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Which can be very useful to fix alpha glitch issues. None on SL grid can beat the alpha glitch bug, it is a known SL issue and if there is someone who can fix it that would be Linden Labs crew only! Can be worn and seen inside of the brain. Full permissions thoughts bulb texture is included. You can save it on your pc, write your thoughts on it, then upload it to SL again to re-texture the mesh thoughts.

Setup instructions included inside the info note-card inside the head packs.Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. There are a number of reviews there for both bodies and heads. Not all of them are available on the marketplacce - check them out inworld, and pick up demosso you can try them on before you commit! Best is very subjective.

I like the Maitreya Lara body; you might not. Again, pick up demos and try them on, compare and contrast, and see what works for you. Project Bento is in developement now. Once it is complete it will revolutionize how mesh heads are made and work. So, you may want to wait on purchasing a head. Or check out the upgrade policy for the items you decide to buy.

Thanks allot both of you. I will try have a look on the marketplace again and see what I can find. I personally am not ready to jump on the mesh heads yet. Not enough customization for my tastes yet. As for mesh bodies, like someone else mentioned, it is all really subjective. It can come down to the body type you want, even the clothes you want to wear as some designers work exclusively with certain shapes. Personally, I think Maitreya Lara looked the best on me.

I tried Slink Physique but it just never quite looked right on my shape, but it looks absolutely amazing on my partner.

Bakes on Mesh ‘for Dummies’

Same with Belleza sp? Try demos of all of them and see what you like best for you. As stated, for a mesh body and head, demo, demo, demo.

I actually use a lot of different bodies, depending on the look I want and what I'm wearing. Each one has different alpha cuts to wear with your clothing. Also, they are all shaped differently, IE breasts can be rounder, same for the tush, arms are fuller or thinner, calves have a different curve, etc.

You have to find what works for you. Slink has the best alpha cuts for corsets. The Maitreya works beautifully for those boots with the fancy cutouts.

Belleza, Maitreya and Tonic all have the 3 main foot heights included though only the Tonic is compatible with the Slink feet pattern.

The Tonic has fuller breasts and a choice of a slim or full tush. You just have to demo and find the one that YOU like. Then demo, demo, demo to find the one that fits your idea of what you want to look like. Yep that is the only thing to do really. From my point of view, I wouldn't want to have a face mesh head that looks like every second female avie online lol.

So far I have not gotten into mesh heads, as very few skin makers do appliers for them and I like my skin and have no desire to change it. I have a Slink Physique body, but having problems with the skin, looks very splotchy, and the clothing rezzes on but flickers badly as though it doesn't quite cover.I turned 40 this month so I decided to do a 80s outfit! I had a walkman that looked just like this one! Maitreya only. Wearing BOM version, omega applier included.

Eyelashes. Pose - versuta by Lila Vanilla old gift. Includes hud with large assortment of color choices. Fatpack hud. Has holding pose. Wearing BOM version; includes omega applier. Set of 6 colors, appliers and mesh. Click here to see pictures of all the gifts. Must haves pack. See all poses below. Second Life is celebrating their 17th birthday SL17B! Maitreya size only. Hair and hairband - pr! Blush - [POUT! Modified by holding pose.

Eye appliers. Go to my Flickr account to see larger picture. There are several events celebrating Pride Month, and several gifts!

Two are:. Free group gifts 51 gifts!!! No group needed for gifts. Includes hud with special colors. Includes hud to change length.

Review Mesh Body Signature Gianni for man/ Second Life

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